In the Summer of 2011, for the first time I was invited to shoot behind-the-scenes for a 48 Hour Film
Project. From the first take, I was hooked! As a creative, I truly enjoy the process that goes into film
making and both capturing it as well as being a part of it.

By definition, the unit stills photographer's role is to take photos for the purpose of historically documenting a film — shooting before, after and even during filming process. These photos may be
used as production reference or they may be used in editorial and advertising promotions.

On and off set, I view my responsibility more as of a storyteller. The true test is to capture the emotion 
of the production, from laughter to tears, during and in between each take.  Make no mistake, production photography can be challenging — typically having to utilize only the available light can present its own 
set of challenges. This is where an assortment of fast prime lenses take over where my standard and 
zoom lenses may not be able to compete.

I also work to remain invisible — knowing where to be and more importantly where NOT to be is most important. (all the while dodging lighting, equipment, cameras, crew and actors alike). I try to view 
myself as the set "photo ninja." The best compliment I can hear is... "Wow, I don't even remember that!"


2011 48 Hour Film — Madison, WI
"The Seven Year Wish"
Firmament Films

2012 48 Hour Film — Madison, WI
"Filling In"
Firmament Films

Feature Film
"The Nugget"
Flipeleven Creative, Kyle Buckley

Short Film
"Geoffrey Broughe Handles Confrontation Poorly"
Jon Phillips

Music Video "Keep on Driving"
Artist: Brandon Anderson
Firmament Films

Cupcake Wars Audition
Robin's Nest Bakery
Firmament Films
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On set and behind-the-scenes is where I'm at – shooting as a
Unit Stills Photographer for short to feature films,
promos, commercials, music videos and other various productions. 

Based in Southeast Wisconsin, servicing Milwaukee to Madison,
Chicago and beyond, wherever the work takes me.

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Music Video "Shots of Heaven"
Artist: The Middle Ground
Bobby Schmidt

Doritos Crash Super Bowl Commercial 
Chad Halverson